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Commercial Roof Repairs & Replacements in Minnesota

We offer multiple commercial roofing services and work with each of our clients to determine their commercial roofing needs.

RAPLOR provides expert commercial roofing services across all of Minnesota. Our collective experience in the field of rubber roofing, metal roofing, and commercial shingle roofing makes us a leader in the industry. Our expert approach and technics will be advantageous to restoring or maintaining your building integrity. We never compromise on the quality of the services, materials used, or miss an opportunity to grow your ROI.

Whether you manage a single commercial property with a traditional asphalt shingle roof or a 150,000 square-foot facility with a modified bitumen roof system, RAPLOR roofing has the experience to protect your investment and safeguard your ROI.

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minneosta commerical roof builder-min

Why people choose us!

We go beyond your roof.
We protect and increase your ROI.

Maintained roofs typically last at least 25% longer than roofs that are not maintained while avoiding costly emergency repairs — that works out to a difference of five to eight years of extra roof performance.

RAPLOR Annual Commercial Roof Maintenance Program

RAPLOR will inspect your roof once, twice, or four times a year (depending on your needs), perform all tasks necessary to maintain your warranty, and provide a comprehensive report with photos with each visit. Once a year we’ll also provide a three-year capital budget for your roof so you can plan ahead. RAPLOR Commercial Roof Maintenance Program is available for any size and type of commercial roofing system and will be custom-designed for your unique roof and objectives. Your roof will perform better, last longer, and cost less over its lifetime.

RAPLOR On-Demand Storm Inspection Program

Once your property is enrolled in our program we will monitor all storm activity that could affect the integrity of your building’s roof in real-time. Within 24 hours after a damaging storm, you will receive notice that we are on route to inspect the property and ensure your roof is in proper order — no extra charge.

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